What parents and teachers are saying about Language University 

"Our students look forward eagerly each Wednesday to their Spanish classes with Lia and Paul. They are excited to learn new vocabulary each week, reinforced with music and movement, crafts, and games.  Paul and Lia are always well prepared and keep the children engaged as only master teachers can do.  Our own teachers, as well as our parents, are incredibly impressed with the scope and quality of the Spanish program Language University brings to us."

          — Head of School, Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

"Lia and Paul of Language University facilitate an interactive, engaging, and informative Spanish program at our school. Their enthusiasm lights up the room. Each lesson includes a variety of learning experiences to meet the children's needs and interests. They incorporate singing, dancing, games, and other enriching experiences to instill a love of learning Spanish. I would highly recommend Language University to provide a Spanish program for your students."

— Curriculum Coordinator, Educational Enrichment Center

"[My son] is over the moon excited on Fridays because he knows it’s 'Spanish Day.' It’s so nice to see such enthusiasm for learning.  He loves the art projects and the music. He loves his teachers too! Every Friday he is sure to tell us all about class."

          Parent at Concord Presbyterian Preschool

"[My son] truly enjoys your class and learned so much. He is constantly sharing new activities and words with us at home."

          — Parent at Cornerstone UMC Preschool

"[My daughter] liked learning the songs. She would come home and want to sing them with the rest of the family. She also liked the crafts and she liked telling us about the activities that the kids did while using their Spanish words."

          — Parent at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

"My child has looked forward to Spanish class each week. She loves both Lia and Paul as her teachers. My child loves the singing and theatrical parts of Spanish. My husband and I try to use the words that she has learned in class at home to help build her Spanish vocabulary. She has used many of the words and has referred to class several times throughout the year."

          — Parent at Concord Presbyterian Preschool

"The class was so engaging and hit every domain during every lesson. Such rich language, music, gross motor movement, games, and all of the children love it! (I get to see both sides as I am both a parent and a preschool teacher at EEC so I got to see what my daughter sees each week.)"

— Parent/teacher at Educational Enrichment Center

"[My son] loves his Spanish class. Whenever he's feeling sad about going to school, I can always get him running to class when it's a Spanish day."

          — Parent at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

"Our child has always shown a huge interest in music, so to hear her trying to sing in Spanish (even if it all doesn't make sense) is amazing!" 

          — Parent at Concord Presbyterian Preschool

"I have a Spanish minor so I was very happy to see her using more Spanish at school. I feel that she used much more Spanish skills than she ever did prior to you teaching her. I don't think the previous Spanish teachers did 1/4 of what you are doing. I loved the graduation, too; it was adorable!"

          Parent at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool

"My daughter enjoys the songs that she learns. She randomly sings the various songs on and off throughout the week. It happens completely at random."

          — Parent/teacher at Educational Enrichment Center

"My child always talked about the lessons and would say words in Spanish, I was so impressed!"

          — Parent at Concord Presbyterian Preschool

"We were thrilled with the program! Great job!!! Couldn't be happier with what you taught our child and with your enthusiasm."

          — Parent at Christ Church Episcopal Preschool