The mission of Language University is to introduce children to major world languages and cultures through a fun and engaging experience, in a low-stress environment.

Our program intends to bridge cultural gaps in our communities, as well as to begin preparing children for an increasingly globalized world.



Language University endorses and embraces the axiom that children are our future; very little else is as self-evidently true. In a world that grows more connected by the day, an understanding of major foreign languages and cultures has become ever more important. We recognize this exigency and created Language University to help ready our children—our future—for this new world. We know that family and community are crucial to social development, and we believe it is incumbent upon us to expand our children’s conception of the world beyond the streets of their neighborhoods. Seeking to bridge gulfs in communication and cultural understanding is of the utmost importance.  

To us, the education of young people is a sacred charge to be undertaken with honor and dignity. We believe that the formation of character is as important as the molding of the intellect. To that end, we take very seriously the instruction of children in language and culture, in the hopes of helping produce new generations of intelligent, worldly, and broad-minded students who will have the skill sets to better our communities, our country and our planet.