A New Year

I cannot believe it. 2015 is almost a year of the past and it has been one of the quickest of my life. Language University is now in full swing and looking back on last year’s blog for this time, I see that I have met my 2015 goals without even thinking about it.  With that being said, I would like to take a moment to reflect on what has come and what will (hopefully) be for 2016.  

Last year, what I wanted most was to meet my students, and meeting them was nothing short of incredible.  I cannot help but laugh and smile when I am with them because they are so honest and enthusiastic about life.  It is amazing how much they continue to teach me as I teach them. Every time I step into the classroom and hear them sing one of our songs or clap their hands in excitement, I am reassured about my dream to help mold our little futures into open-minded and kind human beings.

My second goal was to be able to confidently speak about LU’s present and future.  In my mind, I believe I have only just recently learned to speak to the extent I wanted as one of our newest schools joined us.  Of course I could talk about how our program works and the importance of children learning a second language, BUT I am not a seller.  I do not like to talk numbers and I never grew up believing business would be something I’d be interested in pursuing.  Yet, what I have realized is that when you are honestly passionate about what you are fighting to achieve and you are open and diligent with those you want to reach out to, everything works naturally.  I now understand that having a small business doesn’t have to be a cut throat job. It is a never-ending opportunity to find others who share your dreams so that you may work together to realize them.  

My third and final goal was to meet and work with people in our communities and plan a future for our students and ourselves.  This is one of the best parts of having LU.  Because of how our program works, we never have to feel like we are in schools to make money and leave.  We create bonds with the teachers and administrators because, again, we want the same things for our children.  I can honestly say that everyone I have met thus far has been nothing short of welcoming and encouraging.  And again, I thank you all for your kind words.  

As for planning for LU’s future, I am most looking forward to listening to our first cd (with music and lyrics by Paul), introducing our mascots (thanks Amanda!), growing our business, and potentially even creating a summer camp for next summer!

With all this being said, welcome 2016! I am honored to meet you.