Welcoming a New Year and LU

After ringing in 2015, I admit that I was a little wary of welcoming the New Year because of all that I had wanted to accomplish in 2014.  Paul and I are still diligently working on growing Language University, but I cannot help but want to get started with our new business and new concepts right away. As we push forward, we are truly hoping that 2015 is our year to be able to put our ideas and experiences to the test and get the opportunity to reach out to children as they join the globalized world.   Since I am so anxious to get started, I have decided to take a minute to compile everything I would like to achieve this year and where I hope to be by the time we are counting down to 2016.

           1. I want to meet my students.  I have actively worked on Language University for the past year and dreamed and planned for its existence for the past five years. I cannot wait to meet the children that I will have the opportunity to help mold into open-minded, confident students. I have so much planned for their classes and their futures, and I will be honored to work with each of them.

           2. This year, I want to incorporate and confidently talk about Language University and our ideals.  Of course, talking about Language University is not difficult for me now, but I want to be able to express exactly how our business functions, what we are striving to accomplish, and how LU has operated in the classroom thus far.  I want to be able to speak from experience instead of articulating everything hypothetically.

           3. Finally, this year I want to meet and work with new people, as well as plan for a wonderful future for LU, my students and myself.  This is the year where I want to make everything that I have dreamed into a reality for the program and everyone involved.  I believe this is the year where it will all happen!

           I know that I started this blog feeling apprehensive about 2015, but after writing about everything I hope to achieve this year, 2015 sounds even better than 2014.   So here is a toast to change, a new year, and to fulfilling dreams.  2015- you’re mine!