It’s Happening!

I wanted to begin with a whimsical quote that speaks depths and touches the soul, something I could say to make everyone reading immediately understand where I’ve been and where I hope to go.  Well, the only wise words I hear in my head right now are from Dory in Finding Nemo telling me to “just keep swimming.”  So, I will.  I am ecstatic and honored to not only be able to create and run my own business, but to craft a program that will help create a better world for our children, by our children. What a dream!

           I still remember 22-year-old me sprawled out on a rickety, hostel bunk bed in Europe writing a journal entry about how I wanted to create a foreign language program.  I had no idea how I was ever going to put something like this together or if I even could.  Yet I couldn’t deny that my time abroad had made me realize how important language skills are to us as humans and friends and how much I wanted to help unite the world through cultural and language education. In my travels, I saw how frequently multi-lingual skills were used in not only the education systems, but in everyday life.  I was disappointed thinking about how infrequently we find preschools and elementary school curriculums here in the United States that include a foreign language despite it being the most critical time to learn.

           In the past, I received much criticism about wanting to teach without ever having taken a Praxis exam or choosing the education track for my undergraduate or graduate studies.  But I do not regret my decision.  I know that some of the best teachers are found through their passions and not through their test scores.  I strongly believe that it is our experiences that makes us who we are and whom we want to be, and I am proud to have created all I have through my language courses, past experiences, my passion and my determination.

           Learning a foreign language is life altering in more than one sense.  Not only is it an incredibly difficult feat with an incredibly rewarding impression, but it also opens the mind to new experiences and new ideas.  For me to have the opportunity to help people realize their true potential, and help open their minds to different cultures and peoples is a dream in itself.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me become the person I am today and for believing that I could make a difference. A special thank you goes out to my dad, my travel bug mom, my beautiful grandparents, my amazing siblings and friends, my Kyle, my Uncle Mark and Aunt Lori for their special guidance, and to my new business partner, Paul. Thank you all for your faith and support.


-  Lia Andrews, Founder of Language University